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2nd Technician Company Cars

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You have a concluded education for second company cars technician. Preferably you are in possession of driving licence B and maybe even C/CE.
You are able to switch between work tasks. Working accurately is a must at diagnosing. A strong customer friendly and quality oriented attitude is also a must. You are also a team player and have a flexible attitude. You are willing to follow courses and training.


Now a days these are still the core activities that are most important, but the service has gotten a broader bases and profile. In addition the other brands of company cars naturally are welcome as well in one of the workplaces. As well as car loading cranes of the brands Maxilift and Fassi can be repaired by us. Meanwhile the companies have over 20 people working, who are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.


  • A challenging and variable function in a successful company with nice colleagues.
  • Good salary (CAO motor vehicle company and two wheeler company) with good secondary working conditions.
  • The company invests in the development of talent. For proven talent there are growing possibilities.
  • Long time contracts


The Netherlands

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Martin Küpers (martin@recruit4.work)

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