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Business Development Executive Dutch- Flemish

Company profile

The company we work for are now ready to add more products, create more clients and build better partnerships. With c.26 full time staff we still have the feel and essence of a family run/owned business that is nimble enough to react and to quickly take advantage of new markets and opportunities but with existing relationships, reputation, processes and professionalism that bring belief and kudos to what we do for and offer to our customers.

Being relatively small as a business we also offer strong prospects, opportunity, diversity and a platform for the right individuals to develop and to grow with us.

Job description

Your three primary objectives will be to identify new sales leads, to pitch our products and/or services and to maintain fruitful relationships with existing customers by telephone.

We’d like you to:

* Love taking the initiative
* Be able to build rapport quickly
* Have the skills to gather, research and analyze information (inc. competitor research)
* Identify, react quickly and to take advantage of new market opportunities
* Qualify prospects
* Be an excellent communicator who can easily adapt to your audience
* Demonstrate strong sales and negotiation techniques
* Persist in a largely autonomous role
* Establish opportunities to improve service to our existing clients
* Show leadership skills to enhance and change the way this Company conducts business with its customers


Reporting directly to the M.D you will also be:

* involved in identifying new methods & operations for sales campaigns
* having an involvement with our marketing team
* responsible for forecasting sales targets
* writing reports and making presentations to both customers, colleagues and management
* asked to improve existing processes and have the initiative to create it
This full-time, Monday to Friday role includes all of the tools you will require to be successful very good basic salary and uncapped commission)

Required experience:

Business Development / Sales: 2 years



Contact person

Luna Lente Leenders (Luna@recruit4.work)

Other details
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