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Senior Test Automation Engineer

Company profile

Our customer is a European firm with a global reach, helping clients all over the world to engage with their customers. Their purpose-built, mobile-centric marketing platform combines real-time location and situational data with existing user data for targeting, focusing on hitting the right to engage with customers. They work with brands such as Burger King, Dansk Supermarked, Praxis and Volkswagen, and clients see significant uplift in active engagement (x100), conversion rates (x40) and loyalty. is launching a loyalty protocol.

Based on delivering high tech solutions and services the company will grow considerably in the next few years. Therefore they are looking for candidates to join. This growth will predominantly be organic.

Job description

  • Collaborate with developers to improve overall product quality by emphasizing defect prevention throughout the development process.
  • Develops test cases; works closely with developers to ensure the deliverables’ quality fit with functional design specifications.
  • Works with internal stakeholders and product owners to analyse and clarify requirements before producing test cases for Apps, API’s, and Web applications;
  • Assists the team in being responsible for output of the test effort;
  • Executes test cases;
  • Completes each test assignment within the agreed timeframe;
  • Follows test methodology, processes and procedures;* Enhances test automation* Executes regression testing.* Anticipate potential software problems by creating exhaustive test scenarios that ensure comprehensive testing.
  • Document all testing results in conjunction with test plans.
  • Identify and analyse defects/test results and be able to detect the chain of events leading to a failure.


  • 7+ Years of work experience with software testing/QA Deep understanding and application of test strategies
  • ISTQB/TMap certified
  • Deep understanding and application of test strategies
  • Experience in testing mobile and web applications
  • Experience in automating UI, API and mobile test scenarios
  • Experience with implementing BDD using Cucumber, Gherkin, Selenium in Java
  • Experience with working on GitLab, Jira, Android Studio, RoboMongo, MySQL(or SQL queries), Postman
  • Experience with SorceTree/GitCola or similar tools
  • Experience with REST, JSON* Debugging Tools (Chrome Dev Tools, Firebug, etc.)
  • Experience with Maven and Gradle project setup
  • Software design knowledge and experience in OOP
  • Experience with the Agile working methods
  • Experience with handling CI/CD pipeline on GitLab/Jenkins
  • Expertise with documenting tools like MarkDown
  • Exploring logs from iOS Console, Android Studio
  • Experience with XCode, Appium
  • Experience with non-functional testing* Experience with Docker

Personal attributes

  • Proactive nature to improve the product and process
  • Being a communicative problem solver
  • Eye for detail
  • Proactive communicator
  • Ability to identify problems and find creative ways to solve them* Continues improvement
  • Love simplicity
  • Believe in the importance of standardisation* Ability to understand the requirements of our clients
  • Ability to work under pressure, with attention to detail



Contact person

Luna Lente Leenders (Luna@recruit4.work)

Other details
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