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Company profile

This company is a Spanish specialist in the industrial pastry sector, bake-off and deep frozen bakery products of excellent quality. Being market leader in the production of frozen dough and the production of donuts Our customer realized their establishment in the East of Netherlands.

Job description

  • Purpose of the function is maintenance and management of the production and packaging installations and utilities in the mechanical, electrotechnical and cool technical area.
  • Description of the tasks:
  • Perform inspections based on the maintenance planning system.
  • Tuning with the users about particularities of the concerning machine/installation.
  • Collecting the necessary parts and tools in the technical warehouse.
  • Performing preventive maintenance work and malfunction work ((dis)assembly, replace, and/or setting up parts using several (hand) tools).
  • Analyzing reported malfunction by consulting the manual and users.
  • Judging information available, tracking down the course of the malfunction and determine possible (temporary) solutions taking into account the shortest standstill possible.
  • Giving directions to users, concerning more sustainable use.
  • Testing operation and ready to deliver of the machine/installation.
  • From practice note the points for improvement in the maintenance process.
  • Delivering a contribution to the elaboration and implementation of improvements in the maintenance process, based on clues by the supervisor.
  • Register used materials and hours and link them to the work assignment.


  • You have an intermediate vocational education diploma in the field of electrotechnical/ cooltechnical, supplemented with a mechanical education.
  • You have experience in a production environment, preferably at a food organization.
  • You are acquainted with the systems for food safety (f.i. HACCP).
  • You have the technical knowledge of machines and installations at the department.
  • You are quality and customer oriented.
  • You are willing to perform extra hours and do shift work, weekends and willing to follow training.


  • Working in a company with an open and enterprising culture. Professional work environment, providing space for initiative. Reward is in line with the CAO for Bakers companies.
  • This is about a function at a Dutch Company for a Spanish candidate. You will have to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Minimum of English knowledge at A1 level, both in writing and speaking.
  • Interested to establish in the Netherlands.
  • Take notice: it is NOT a temporary job/project.
  • Candidates with experience in large industrial bakeries have preference.
  • Expenses for housing, insurances, paperwork, local transport will run for the employer.



Contact person

Martin Küpers (martin@recruit4.work)

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